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This seventeenth century timber framed house in Church Crookham, Hampshire, is Grade II listed.  The owners wished to turn an existing attic space - which was poorly lit and difficult to access - into a studio room.


The room faces north and we therefore wanted to maximise natural daylight by introducing a large area of glazing to the gable.  At the same time, we were conscious of the need to reduce heat loss, particularly during the winter months.  Initial discussions with the Conservation Officer indicated that double glazing would not be acceptable due to the increased depth of window frame.  A solution was found which incorporated 6mm deep vacuum filled double glazed units.  This was deemed acceptable by the Conservation Officer and also met current U value requirements.  The installation of the units - made by Pilkington - was the first within a residential building in this country.


In addition, a new staircase was added, a modern ceiling removed, and skylights incorporated.

Conservation & refurbishment of a listed house in Church Crookham, Hampshire

Exterior view showing attic studio

New windows and refurbishment to a listed house in Church Crookham, Hampshire

Interior view of attic studio

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