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Having been approved by King Charles to work within the Duchy of Cornwall's development at Poundbury, we were approached by a developer who required a modern office building to occupy a prominent site within the centre of the masterplan.  


Our proposed classical scheme provides three storeys of well-lit open-plan office accommodation totalling about 3000 square metres.  Car parking is provided in the basement and rear court.  The building is broken down into four connected volumes that seek to complete the urban block and at the same time, maintain a compact form in order to maximise efficiency.  Access is gained by an entrance portico facing the main street and also from the rear parking court.


The language adopted draws on the simple classical forms of the Georgian buildings in Dorchester and surrounding towns such as Bridport and Blandford Forum.  Window sizes are optimised to make best use of natural light. The walls are rendered with stone dressings and the roofs are formed in lead and natural slate.

Classical office building, Duchy of Cornwall's development at Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset

Axonometric view

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