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Our scheme is a conceived as an extension to the historic fabric of Romsey, taking the form of a series of traditional streets and urban blocks.  A main street would lead to a central square, which would provide a focus for the new development, and from this minor streets would radiate.  In addition, a number of pedestrian routes would increase permeability on foot.  Parking would be located mostly within paring courts in the centre of the blocks, within some on-street spaces and some within individual plots. 


The accommodation would include a care home, together with a range of different house types and tenures.  The main street and the central square would consist of mostly three storey terraced houses, with density decreasing towards the periphery of the site.  We have also proposed a park wrapping around the south and west side of the site that would include a children's play area.  The architecture of the proposed development would draw on local precedent, focusing on the provincial Georgian houses that are prevalent in Romsey.  

Traditional masterplan for houses and care home - Romsey, Hampshire

Romsey Masterplan, Hampshire

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