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Harcourt Sands is an extraordinary site; set within a environmentally sensitive landscape of mature trees and situated between two parks, it also offers stunning sea views across The Solent.

The existing buildings on the site - forming a disused holiday camp - substantially detract from the quality of this  environment.  By contrast, our masterplan builds upon and enhances the array of natural features that the existing site offers.  We have situated the proposed urban blocks within a free flowing parkland setting, complemented by new trees, sensitive landscaping and play areas.

128 houses are provided in a range of sizes, together with a 60 room hotel.  The west side of the site contains mostly large villas - either detached or semi-detached - which take on picturesque additive compositions.  The east side of the site primarily consists of smaller houses which are frequently grouped  into terraces.  Parking courts contain flats over garages and mews houses, and aim to minimise the impact of cars within the public realm.

Design team: James Armitage, Paul Jeffries, Adam Ogilvy, Chris Fothergill

Harcourt Sands, Isle of Wight - aerial view of traditional masterplan for houses and hotel

Aerial view from the northwest

Harcourt Sands - masterplan showing houses and hotel


Harcourt Sands - street elevations with traditional houses

Street elevations

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