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Our proposed traditional house is situated on heathland where the remains of a crofters cottage and barns are currently located.  The site is steeply sloping and enjoys stunning views over the Bay of Tongue.

In our proposal the front elevation aligns with the original croft so that the house follows the contours of the hillside. The main volume adopts local precedent with its tripartite frontage and low eaves.  To this are added smaller volumes - incorporating a garden room at the side and service areas to the rear.  In this manner, the ground floor of the main volume can be open plan and accommodate a variety of living arrangements.

The base will be constructed in local stone, with the remainder of the main body of the house rendered.  The garden room will feature timber posts and be clad in natural timber board.  The roofs will be in natural slate.

New vernacular house near Tongue, Scotland


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