Tail Mill originally manufactured cloth, initially by the use of water power and later by steam power.   The complex is Grade II listed and includes the mill pond, an early nineteenth century warehouse, an early nineteenth century textile Mill with internal engine and boiler houses, four long mid-nineteenth century warehouses, a mid-nineteenth century north light shed, and an early twentieth century engine house.  The site has been vacant for a number of years and many of the buildings have fallen into a significant state of disrepair.

Our scheme involves retaining the majority of the historically significant buildings on the site (shown lighter in the site plan opposite).  The masterplan has been devised to provide accommodation around a series of courts, creating 45 residential units of which 22 will be new build houses.

Following extensive consultation with English Heritage, the Conservation Officer, and local residents, the project has received planning permission and work has begun on site.  The first phase of work on site is now complete.

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